Sulphur Creek Trail
Completed Sections

Sulphur Creek Trail is a multi-use trail

(No motorized vehicles allowed)

4th Street to S. Broadway  .50 mi.
Parking at 4th Street, Paved and ADA compliant.   The trail crosses Sulphur Creek. An easy trail. A good  place to go birding and may see some wildlife.go 
Douglass/Wildlife Trail .25  mi.
Off Bittle Road West. This trail is an extension from Barnett/Wildlife trail section. Chat surface and an easy trail. One bridge. Lots of wildlife and birds.
Beside Cleburne County Fairgrounds.
Barnett/Wildlife Trail .25 mi.
Bittle Road West. Look for signs.  This trail is beside the Cleburne County Fair Grounds. Chat surface. Easy trail. Lots of birds and wildlife.
Garlinghouse .5 mi. 
Off Bittle Road West
This trail is across the road from Barnett/ Wildlife Trail Section. Chat surface and an easy trail. One bridge. Lots of wildlife and birds. Follow the Fairgrounds signs.
Across the road from Cleburne County Fairgrounds


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"A partnership between YOU, Greers Ferry Lake Trail Council (501c3 Non Profit) and the City of Heber Springs"

To plan, build, operate and maintain multi-use trails in the Greers Ferry Lake area which promote fitness and enhhance transportation, the local economy and community relations

A local non-profit organization, "The Other Side" is currently donating man power to clear a half-mile section of trail. They are cutting through brush and trees currently in designated areas. This half mile clearing is located on the old M & NA Railroad right of way. This huge contribution of man power to complete the clearing of this trail section is greatly appreciated by the community. When clearing is completed, it will be a significant link to other parts of the Sulphur Creek Trail.