"A partnership between YOU, Greers Ferry Lake Trail Council (501c3 Non Profit) and the City of Heber Springs"

Adopt-A-Trail Program enables volunteers to take maintenance ownership on a section of specific trail and oversee basic maintenance of that trail.

The prospective Adopter chooses from a list of completed sections of trails and agrees to check on its condition, clear drainage areas, lop the corridor, pick up trash, and report on larger maintenance issues in need of addressing by the City.

Taking on the stewardship of a trail is a privilege, and it is important that the adopter take the responsibilities of maintaining the trail seriously.  As an individual or group, the volunteer(s) can work on the trail when it suits their schedule. (Although notice to Mayors office of work day is required).

Please call Lesa at the Mayors office to sign up for the Sulphur Creek Adopt a Trail Program.



4th Street to S. Broadway - Sulphur Creek Outfitters

4th Street to 7th Street - OPEN

Garlinghouse Section .50 mi - OPEN

Barnett/Wildlife Section .25 mi - OPEN

Douglas Section .25 mi - OPEN

Jeff Anderson Memorial Trail .62 mi - OPEN

To plan, build, operate and maintain multi-use trails in the Greers Ferry Lake area which promote fitness and enhhance transportation, the local economy and community relations