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To plan, build, operate and maintain multiuse trails in the Greers Ferry Lake area which promote fitness and enhance transportation, the local economy and community relations.  

The 5th Annual Ride Like a Mountain Man Event is April 29th, 2017. Click for info and registration

Master Concept Plan


The Greers Ferry Lake Trails Council (GFLTC) is a local grass roots organization that was formed early in 2010 to promote, plan, and build a multiuse trails system in the Greers Ferry Lake (North Central Arkansas) area. A multiuse trail system adds to a community's recreation opportunities, enhances the transportation network, and promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Statistics show that a community trail system also benefits the local economy, community relations and the overall quality of life in the impacted area.

In its first year of organization, the council was formerly organized and was granted a status as a non-profit 501C group. Monthly meetings were held by the organizers to lay the groundwork for promoting a trail system and a conceptual master plan was envisioned. The group hired the Little Rock consulting firm of Crafton Tull Sparks to help develop a master plan document. Presentations have been and continue to be made to the city council, civic groups and the general public. Response from groups and individuals who have learned of the trail concept has been overwhelmingly favorable.

Phase 1 of the proposed 10 mile trail network is in progress with ground breaking plans for late Spring 2012. It is along the old M&N Railroad route, which generally follows Sulphur Creek, from 4th Street in Heber Springs (near the cemetery entrance) eastward to the old fair grounds then northeast to Spring Park. Landowners of this first section of trail has given approval for clearing and grubbing to begin and some initial volunteer work has already taken place. A wildlife trail section is also being cleared on the M &NA ROW from Bittle Rd (near new fair ground entrance) eastward. The overall goal would be to have a complete trail connecting the Sports Complex - Mare Square on the west side of town with the Sugarloaf-ASU trail system on the east end. Ultimately several spur trails or loops would be incorporated which would include the Bridal Veil Falls area.

The GFLTC needs and wants more trail enthusiasts to join the effort to make a multiuse trail system for Heber Springs a reality. People are needed to help with several different aspects of mission, including fund raising, public information materials, public awareness and promotion, identifying funding sources and grant writing applications. Since there are already sections of trail ready to be built, there is also a need for groups of people to provide volunteer labor for clearing trees, brush and actually making an initial basic trail. The main trail will eventually be a semi-hard surface or asphalt 8-10 feet wide that would be suitable for all kinds of trail traffic, including baby strollers and wheelchairs.

The Greers Ferry Lake Trails Council welcomes you to this web site which is dedicated to providing information regarding a long standing vision to the designing, planning, building, operating and maintaining a trail system in the area of Heber Springs, Arkansas and the surrounding area.

The council is a growing group of trail advocates who understand the commitments and dedication required to bring a 40 year old vision to completion. One of our board members remembers working with the idea in the late 1960s. There has been a "relay race" ever since then where a new group would grab the baton and run with it. We like to think this renewed effort, which has a lot of local interest and support, will be the "anchor" leg of the race. Countless obstacles (some real and some perceived) have interrupted and delayed past efforts.

We believe now is the time to build a trail system for economic, fitness, historical, transportation and local community reasons. Click through the web site and we think you will agree. The benefits of such a multiuse trail have been studied and published with surprising results. With the Mare Square Sports Complex and Heber Springs Community Center complete and operational, we say a trail system is naturally the next step -- READ MORE.

Suggested Bike Routes - Heber Springs

The Greers Ferry Lake Trails Council in cooperation with local biking enthusiasts, has developed a suggested bike route plan for Heber Springs. The map below depicts suggested biking routes. Easy bike routes area identified by a dotted line and are the safest and easiest routes. These routes have low speed limits and/or light traffic. These routes generally have wide smooth shoulders, and only moderate hills. Moderate bike routes are shown with heave dashed lines. The routes can involve some significant hills. Caution bike routes are shown as dashed-dot lines. These routes have narrow or no shoulders, higher speed limits, and possible heavy traffic.

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Opening of wildlife trail 09-04-2012


clearing the wildlife trail 01-28-2012

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